"I have only gone and bloody made a website in 9 days!!! It is now live and I am so proud yet equally crapping myself that I've done something wrong

I can't thank you enough Kate for this brilliant course, your excellent teaching modules/videos/resources and the amazing support that you have provided.

You can find me at www.squiggletots.com gazing at all I have achieved in just over a week...and probably still tweaking with bits... now I know how its going to be hard to stop! xxx"

"Omg! I posted my website link on a local Facebook page and already have 2 people signed up for my free taster sessions! I bloody love you Kate!!!!"

Donna Murray

Owner, Squiggle Tots

Its been such a great course! and so thorough.

I've learnt LOADS already and its very easy and comprehensive to follow Kate, thank you.

I've had a great time and have come up with something completely different to what I expected... BUT its been a blast!

Thank you Kate for the great tuition, making WordPress understandable and all the fun along the way. XxX

Lee Mowlem

Owner, Remarkable Pixel

Can I just say that I am absolutely loving this course.

Its filling in so many gaps in my knowledge already and I love that I am learning to do it for myself rather than relying on someone else.

Its hard work (and very scary at times) but this is just what I have been looking for.

Thanks Kate Litt for your help and encouragement so far x

Lesley Hawksworth

Owner, The Button Shed