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Sign up - Build Your Website

ditch the website shame AND GET RESULTS, FAST

Whether you’re allergic to tech, don’t have the time to learn or want to up your skills, you can follow my jargon busting blueprint to create a website that works

After helping hundreds OF women in business to create their ideal website, start selling online and feel proud of their business, I know that:

  • You are destined for something bigger (even though your family is your world)
  • You’re ready to make that change, but the tech is holding you back
  • You spend so much time answering questions on Facebook; you just wish you had the answers all in one place
  • You know you need a proper website for those sales to start coming in, but you just don’t know where to start
  • You just don’t have the time, energy or patience to learn everything about websites – you just want it DONE
  • You don’t have the ££££ to pay someone else to do it for you (and you want to be in control anyway, not beholden to someone who doesn’t love what you do!).

If this sounds like your life as a woman in business, you’re in the right place

In fact, this sounds like most of the women I’ve ever worked with. And, as a mum in business myself, I really know how you feel.

You love your family more than anything but sometimes you feel so lonely, useless and like you’ve become this invisible ‘mum-bot’. You live for the moments in between the kids when you can network, answer Facebook messages and try to get your stuff SEEN by the ever elusive ideal customer.

But living on coffee, wasting hours trying to figure out how to get that online shop working and never quite being ready to do this thing properly isn’t going to get you out of the overdraft.

The truth is, even though you LOVE what you do, you’re starting to think you’ll never feel confident enough to face up to the tech, and maybe a part-time job is the answer. Maybe you’re just not cut out for this.

I’m Kate Litt and I help Mums in business like you, who are terrified of the tech, sick of wasting money and don’t have the time to learn how to do it all by themselves.

Let’s not kid ourselves here – you and I both know that you have no idea what you’re doing.

You’ve probably already tried to build your website multiple times, and you’ve wasted so much money (and time!) in the process that you’re just about ready to give up.

And despite the fact that you KNOW you need a website, you just don’t have the energy to start (and fail) again.

Want to know what’s missing? Someone to show you exactly what to do (without any faffing!).

Because, when you have someone to show you exactly what to do, you won’t need to spend hours searching for the answers, you’ll just GET IT DONE.

And when you finally have your website set up and WORKING, you can start making those sales (without spending hours answering questions on Facebook!).




Having a BEAUTIFUL online home, with your social media links, a gallery, a shop, a blog...


No more confusion about domains, hosting and themes...


No more fraught hours trying to make the tech work for you


No more guess work, no more trial and error


Having an automated Facebook response with a link to all your prices and FAQs


Having an online payment system, so people can pay by card (without using PayPal!)


Seeing website sales come in while you're enjoying your life


Being proud to give out your website address


NEVER having to think about setting up your website, ever again


NEVER having to pay someone else, just to make some tiny changes to your website


But you can only get these things when you decide to start investing in YOUR DREAM, in the same way you invest in your friends and family


Build Your Website…



An online website building programme for the tech terrified, THE time challenged and THE skill seekers

Are you ready for me to grab you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to a create premium website that will get you the results you NEED, FAST?

With constant support provided in the exclusive Facebook group, you will follow the 12 tutorial videos, use my pre-designed page templates and create a stunning, branded website, ready to start showcasing your services and selling your products.

This programme gives you the chance to work with me, without having to spend outside your budget.

Designer’s ‘done for you’ packages are just out of your reach at the moment and the DIY builders don’t quite cut it – plus, where’s the support that you need to get REAL RESULTS?? And if there’s one thing I want, it’s to get you results…

Being VISIBLE to your ideal client
Getting CLEAR on your message
Messages in your INBOX
SALES while you sleep
PAYING customers

The website we built together won’t just look good either. It will be secure, legal and run smoothly, so you can focus on the thing you really want your website to do – connect with your audience and turn your business into the success you know it can be.


Imagine getting the sales page for that GENIUS idea up with ease, without having to ask a web guy or search on Google (or never actually doing it!). Just think how fast you can actually make this thing a success when you know exactly what theme you should be using, what plugin makes your opt in work and how to start adding people to your list.



What you’ll GET

  • A copy of the Divi theme, with one year of updates – WORTH $89


  • A library of pre-designed page templates, that you can use again and again so you never have to faff around with your page designs or worry about what you need to include. Includes Home Page, About Page, Blog Post, Contact Page, Product Page, Landing Page, Freebie Page, Testimonals, AND MORE – WORTH HUNDREDS
  • Access to the Build Your Website online course, full of video tutorials, worksheets, checklists and more – WORTH £197


  • Exclusive LIFETIME entry to the Build Your Website group, where you’ll be set your tasks, held accountable to meet your goals and cheered on for your wins PLUS access to my expertise with weekly Q&As and constant support – PRICELESS
  • 1 hour of admin support on your website – WORTH £40


What you’ll learn

Broken down into short ‘over the shoulder’ video tutorials, the training is all geared towards the those new to web design.

I speak to you like a friend and I don’t expect you to know anything about websites before you join. I’ll even help you with set up your domain and hosting.


Setting Up & Getting Going

  1. WordPress Tour
  2. Installing Your Theme


Putting the Essentials in Place

  1. Plugins
  2. Pages


Making Your Site Work for You

  1. eCommerce
  2. Blogging
  3. Connecting to Social


Keeping on Top of Things

  1. Security, Legalities and Backups
  2. Updates
  3. SEO and Marketing



You get instant access to the Build Your Website video trainings, tutorials, checksheets and workbooks.


You’ll be given lifetime access to the exclusive VIP Facebook community where you can start asking questions and getting expert support from me.


You can start working on your new website at any time, taking it step by step or dropping in to the areas you need help with.

I created Build Your Website for WOMEN in business like you, who are determined to make their dreams a reality, because they know they deserve a better life.

When I was as single-mum, determined to do better for my son, I knew that online visibility, and my own website, was essential if people were going to take me seriously.

I knew too that, to feel confident in what I was doing, I needed to have everything in one place, so I would be proud to give out my website address (without making excuses for the way it looked!).

The difference with Build Your Website is, I’m completely self-taught in web design; I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it all yourself.

I don’t expect you to know a thing about website design before we start. I don’t even expect you to understand everything I show you during the course – but this is about you building what you need, quickly, and being in control of it (so you don’t have to pay for someone else to make tiny tweaks, or pay fees every month, just for the privilege of a website you don’t really own…I’m looking at you Wix/Create/Etsy/Shopify…).

You won’t have to feel embarrassed asking me all those ‘stupid’ questions because I guarantee that I’ve asked them myself (I still have to Google stuff, even 10 years on!). And I aim to get to them before you’ve even had chance to ask.

I’ll be on hand to solve all those niggling issues and I’ll even be ready to jump onto your website to help if you really get stuck

I’ve designed this course so you can get your website built, and ready to sell, without having to do any more research or decide with platform, theme or payment gateway is the right one to use.

With this course, you’ll know that the setup is the same as websites worth thousands of pounds, but without having to pay the huge investment to have someone else design it for you.

And, when it’s finished, you won’t have to pay monthly fees for the rest of time, to a platform like Create or Etsy, just to have your own shop.

Build Your Website… costs just £397.

OR you can spread the cost, over three months

Just £166 per month, for three months.




IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY: 2 HOURS of admin support on your website to assist with any fancy bits you can’t do yourself, WORTH £80




IF YOU SIGN UP BY MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 12th AUGUST: Branding Brilliance in 10 Easy Steps Workbook, to help nail your brand identity, WORTH £49


IF YOU SIGN UP TODAY: 2 HOURS of admin support on your website to assist with any fancy bits you can’t do yourself, WORTH £80




IF YOU SIGN UP BY MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 12th AUGUST: Branding Brilliance in 10 Easy Steps Workbook, to help nail your brand identity, WORTH £49









MY GUARANTEE: If you do the work and you’re still struggling to get your site up and running, I’ll hop online and figure out what’s going wrong. I WON’T leave you with a half built site!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You know you have something special – and you’re ready to tell the world
  • Your branding is sorted and your social media is looking sweet
  • You’ve tried to tackle your website before, but it’s never looked quite right
  • You don’t want to spend any more time trying to figure it out for yourself
  • You’re sick of being let down by ‘professionals’; you want to be in control
  • You’re ready to take action, to finally get your website DONE
You’re probably not right for this course if:

  • You don’t really think you’re ready for a gorgeous website
  • You’re not quite sure what your business is yet
  • You don’t have a logo or any website content
  • You just have a hobby that you don’t want to make any money from
  • You’re not willing to put the work in
  • You’re happy with a substandard website that ‘does the job’

"I have only gone and bloody made a website in 9 days!!! It is now live and I am so proud yet equally crapping myself that I've done something wrong

I can't thank you enough Kate for this brilliant course, your excellent teaching modules/videos/resources and the amazing support that you have provided.

You can find me at www.squiggletots.com gazing at all I have achieved in just over a week...and probably still tweaking with bits... now I know how its going to be hard to stop! xxx"

"Omg! I posted my website link on a local Facebook page and already have 2 people signed up for my free taster sessions! I bloody love you Kate!!!!"

Donna Murray

Owner, Squiggle Tots

Its been such a great course! and so thorough.

I've learnt LOADS already and its very easy and comprehensive to follow Kate, thank you.

I've had a great time and have come up with something completely different to what I expected... BUT its been a blast!

Thank you Kate for the great tuition, making WordPress understandable and all the fun along the way. XxX

Lee Mowlem

Owner, Remarkable Pixel

Can I just say that I am absolutely loving this course.

Its filling in so many gaps in my knowledge already and I love that I am learning to do it for myself rather than relying on someone else.

Its hard work (and very scary at times) but this is just what I have been looking for.

Thanks Kate Litt for your help and encouragement so far x

Lesley Hawksworth

Owner, The Button Shed



I’m SO SCARED of tech, and I’ve never done anything like this before.

DON’T BE. I know you can do this.

I’ll let you into a secret…I have NO formal website design training. I don’t have a fancy computer, I do everything on my laptop (and it’s not even a MAC!), yet I’m able to charge premium prices for my website design. Why? TRIAL AND ERROR. PRACTICE. FOR YEARS. And I’m here to share what I’ve learnt from years of making mistakes and figuring it out from scratch SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

I promise, it’s not rocket science – it’s just knowing what to do, and how. And I’m going to talk you through EVERY. SINGLE. STEP.


How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access! You can carry on with your website until you’re happy.


What if I struggle so much that I just can’t get it done?

Then I’ll help you to feel more confident to try, and even hop onto your website to assist you, if you just can’t make something work.


I’m really REALLY bad a tech. What if I get shown up and look stupid?

Everyone in the group is in the same position, otherwise they wouldn’t be there! Some people may learn at a quicker pace, but I’ll be encouraging everyone to help each other – there’s no room for humiliation in my group and I won’t stand for any nastiness.


Will I really be able to do this?

YES. Simples.


How quickly will I make the investment back?

It’s impossible for me to say but I’m certain that sales will come so much easier with an online shop, automated payments and the new found confidence that the website will give you.